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"Odnowa" S.P.U.H. exists on the market since 1966. Since the moment of its foundation it has a statute of the Protected Work Institute, based on employing people with disabilities. Company workers have wide knowledge and great experience in furniture technology matter.

S.P.U.H "Odnowa" is a furniture manufacturer from Przczyna. We exist since 1966. Main pillar of our business are office furniture. In adddition to office equipment based on individual projects we also produce hotel furniture. Our employess have a extensive knowledge and vast experiance in furniture technology matter, and they know how to create a solid, yet elegant and stylish furniture for the office. 

We are producing :
office furniture,
hotel furniture,
store furniture ,
furniture for pharmacies,
and showroom furniture..

We also produce office and hotel furniture according to individual projects. Our products have a 2-year warranty. We use flexible payment dates, moreover we have discounts for regular customers. 
Our offer is divided into sets containing furniture such as office and computer desks, office counters, chairs and wardrobes, containers, cupboards, level-raisers, couplers, attachments and bookshelves, wardrobes, conferrence tables and counters. and more.

S.P.U.H. "Odnowa" is a Polish manufacturer of office furniture. We possess a production area of 2100 m2 and 1000 m2 of warehouse space. On the company grounds there is a wholesale situated, that is selling furniture boards, kitchen tops, fittings and borders. 
We also produce cardboard packings for the certain dimensions provided by customer.

Since the moment of its foundation it has a statute of the Protected Work Institute, based on emplying people with disabilites.